December already, eh?



Daniel's Pizza Express Party.
We were casting around for an ideal for Daniel's birthday party. The main one everyone seems to do is at Newbury Leisure center. Basically it consists of 30 minutes on a bouncy castle, 30 minutes of soft play and then lunch. It is a pretty well organised affair and they probably run several a day. But everyone seemed to do it. The other option was some sort of village hall/ entertainer but that is quite expensive.

WE have made pizza a few times with Daniel, and he seems to quite enjoy it. Laura found out Pizza Express do Pizza making parties and so Laura decided to book one for him.

Waiting for a late arrival.




Getting ready to add the tomato to the base.


Adding the toppings.



Making a wish.


It was a good idea, as the kids seem to enjoy creating something. It was also pretty good value. £166 for eight kids with some pizza and drinks for the adults.

I think we may try it again next year, it will probably be a different crowd as none of his friends are going to the same primary school as him.

It was a good idea, didn't involve messing up our house and was a little bit different from what everyone else seems to do. The kids were surprisingly good, they all seemed engaged and most of the parents said to help. I say most as one dad just left his daughter. We found that a bit odd as he did not know him or his daughter. I think at three it is a bit young to leave a child with someone you don't know. But perhaps we are over cautious.

Laura has a more detailed write up on her blog.

Apparently livejournal have a new owner and a new manager. They don't seem to announce it, and they have had a bit of a make over. I suppose the new look is ok, I am just not sure if it will really lead to an upswing in posting. Perhaps there is a niche for a blogging site focused on smaller audiences, longer posts and with tighter security. But equally it is very possible there is not.

Daniel is now four which is good. We went to Lego Land with Laura's dad. It was raining and a school day so the place was quiet. Daniel is over 90cm so he had the chance to do a lot of the rides.

P5084906 P5085088

P5084877 P5085045

He pretty much enjoyed everything, and it was a fun day out. It was kind of expensive, but we managed to use vouchers to get in a bit cheaper. We completed the trip with purchases of a lot of lego, this is his new favourite hobby.

New look
New look lj?

LJ doesn't seem keen to let me post anymore. Anyway...

Been busy as I had a week off work last week. We did a lot of stuff really, firstly we visited my mum in very Sunny Bristol. Whilst there we mostly did the visiting of various Gromits dotted around the city...

Mrs RS did a write up on her blog with photos and all sorts...

Fire drill in the rain?

Why not!

This journal is 12 years old today.

We have been married for four years on last Thursday which meant it was our birthday.

We celebrated with a babysitter and a trip into town. We had a drink in a cocktail place which was nice and a meal in Thai place which was ok. I am not sure I would rush back anytime soon. But it was nice to get out. Daniel was good too.

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