Iain Duncan Smith

The big news this week was the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith. I first mentionned him on my journal back in 2001(I did not even really get his name right which just goes to show the limited impact he was making back then.

Alan Duncan Smith, what is all that about. Can the Tory party not see the man is a bit doggy to say the least? Now I am a labour supporter, but I still feel the Tories will get back one day and he is not someone I would want governing the country. The man is so far to the right it is insane. He is perhaps the most anti-European man in parliament. He is reactionary on social policies. He is a man for the Alf Garnetts of this country. I am sure that the people who voted for the BNP cheer his Little Englander views. - way back when

His resignation this time was supposedly about cuts to disability benefit. He objected to them despite not objecting to them a few hours before resigning. Or maybe had always objected to them, but felt that this was the time to speak out against them. Oddly it seemed like the weirdest time to resign as it seems he was winning the argument. The cynical viewpoint is that he resigned because he hates Europe and I suppose that if we vote to leave Europe he can form some sort of government around Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and himself.

I watched his interview on the Andrew Marr Show. What was interesting was how angry he was, often politicians claim to be angry about injustice. Yet they look sort of normal. Whereas IDS seemed furious, like a man on the edge. I am not sure he can be that good an actor, otherwise I am wondering why he hasn't acted at being a bit more likeable over the last fifteen years. I suspect he really was pissed off.
All the UK peeps I follow on Twitter were going on about IDS on Andrew Marr that I meant to download that episode of his show, but forgot. Maybe I'll do that this evening.

But you're right -- most politicians aren't good enough actors to fake proper anger. UK politics fascinate me. I was totally in love with the coalition gov't -- from a purely political scientist POV! However, a Tory gov't with such a small majority is also rather entertaining. I wish Canadian MPs were more independent-minded and willing to stand up to their leaders/whips now and then.
I think the most interesting thing is David Cameron's announcement he will leave before the next election. Like Blair before him it means his authority(which stems from who he can appoint to key jobs) is slowly and steadily eroding away.