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Radiant Soul

My life

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I am easy going, hopefully intelligent and well read. I am a long term livejournal having been here for over 11 years.

I am married, have a son and daughter. If you want to know more than you are probably going to have to add me.


I have the following criteria;

1. People that update occasionally
2. People that comment occasionally
3. People interested in interaction rather than just having a large friends list
4. People who don't turn their friends list too frequently
5. People who don't filter me out of too much
6. People that don't post too much posting unedited chats/lyrics/endless mindless memes/videos
7. People who are definitely very fluent in English, no Russian bot please!
8. People who write relatively well in non-twitter sentences.

My list of commandments isn't too tough and I will probably add you back.

For those who I have added I have a bit more about myself in this entry.

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